Sunday, February 7, 2010

love legacy

Last night's concert on the UNI campus was moving and had a nice cross-cultural mix in the audience. Above are pictures of Brion Martin, Ellaysa Newton, Dante Marcellous (and 3 dancers), and Chassidi Ferguson. All are friends in SHOUT! Ministries and all have encountered the life-changing Jesus. The group spent 75 minutes sharing about Christ's love in rap, mime, music, and a moving monologue. What I believe was so impactful was the power in the testimony of those on stage. More than the God-given talents that they shared with the audience was their witness of a close relationship with Christ and a different kind of life they now live; a life with passion and purpose. In the time together, it was clear that what those leaders had was not "religion" but a very dynamic relationship with a living and active God. They did a great job magnifying Christ through the evening!

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