Monday, September 23, 2013

Quotable Monday

"How can I order my life to consider justice and not "just-us"?"

Just a question that crossed my mind today.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CCDA New Orleans Day 3

Dr. Michelle Alexander presented a compelling case that charges mass incarceration in America as the new Jim Crow of our time.  

St. Roch Community Church was a church plant in the Ninth Ward post-Katrina.  I spent the afternoon there on Friday learning about their church and their Christian Community Development corporation that launched alongside of the church.  You can read more about St. Roch by clicking here.

St. Roch CDC has a 9 month artist residency that was fascinating to learn about.  An art professor at Tulane (far left) leads this program, and the four seated at the table are all past or present artists in residence.  

Chassidi is in the CCDA Leadership Cohort #4 which was introduced on stage Friday evening.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

CCDA 2014 Day 2

CCDA Immersion alumni met for breakfast today. This is a few from our great crew that spent a week together in Chicago in April 2011.  

Coach Wayne Gordon and John Perkins are tag teaming on the morning Bible studies this week.  Talking to us about being Christ's Church as we look at the churches addressed in Revelation.

Barbara Williams-Skinner facilitated a panel of practitioners in a discussion about indigenous leadership development.  Important and challenging conversation.  

I went on this "Go and See" field trip to a new mixed-income development modeled after East Lake in Atlanta.  

 Columbia Parc is 53 acres, 685 units of housing...1/3 public housing, 1/3 low income, and 1/3 market rate rentals.  

This development at Columbia Parc was very well thought out in the planning!  A great story of redemption in Post-Katrina New Orleans!  

Merrsadiz is our group's youngest participant.  When Leroy Barber spoke a challenge of commitment last night for young people to go back into their communities as servant leaders, he called people to come up front if they wished to commit.  Merrsadiz rose to the challenge!  Yay!  

Pizza at Roloco's around the corner from the hotel.  

CCDA 2014 New Orleans

Nine of us from the Cedar Valley have traveled to NOLA for the 25th annual national conference of the Christian Community Development Association.  This is my seventh conference, and I'm so grateful for the family of CCDA and the Kingdom charge embodied by my brothers and sisters in Christ here.

Arrived Tuesday night and embarked on a 20 minute walk from our hotel to the  French Quarter.  Lots of great art in this city!

Also a lot of great food with great friends in the Quarter!

Cutie-Patootie Violet made her first flight and is with us in New Orleans this week.

Chassidi and I sat for a spell in the Stage II Exhibit Hall at the CCDA info table welcoming people and posing as well-informed volunteers who could answer questions people might have.

Listened to some wonderful soft jazz in Stage II after the opening evening plenary session.  Our own George Marshall joined Dave Clark and the band for some tremendous tranquil tunes.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Quotable Monday

"I'm going to have to be paid the same as the white help, or I'll be moving on." -Cecil Gaines in Lee Daniels'movie, The Butler.

I went to see this movie today and recommend that everyone see it.  If you care to read a review, click here.