Monday, June 13, 2011

God's work in Haiti

An update from our friends in Haiti who lead UCI...United Christians International:
United Christians International

Life changing News!

Jesson Vilfort, another long-time witchdoctor, came to know Christ as his Lord! As many of you
know, we have a program where we pour cement floors for people so that we can get people out of the mud and dust. UCI had decided that we would do this for anybody in need and use it as a way to show God’s love. We have seen a tremendous response from this program which began as an alternative Christmas giving project from one church. Jesson lives near one of our nutrition centers and we poured his floor last April. When Eliberne, UCI board member and director of construction projects, went to his house, he talked to Jesson. Jesson realized that even though he had been a witchdoctor for most of his life, he couldn’t even put in a cement floor for his house. Having a Christian group come in a do this for him really made him think about his life of worshipping spirits. Last Sunday we were picking up some food and water from our nearest town and saw a huge crowd in the road next to our nutrition center. We saw Elfis, our center leader, in the middle and stopped to talk to him. Elfis and the crowd were standing around a big pile of vodou paraphernalia. Elfis told us that it had all belonged to Jesson and he wanted it burned to symbolize how he was leaving that life! Jesson had such a huge impact in his community that there were close to 100 people watching what was happening! People were afraid of Jesson because of what he used to do. Imagine how this will influence their beliefs now. They are set free! What a testimony of what happens when Christians love and care for others, regardless of who they are or what they have done, and share the gospel. May Jesus’ name be glorified.

UCI has completed 213 cement floors, 22 complete houses, and 4 churches. God is at work.
We have talked in the past about the struggle that we had in finding water and the blessing it has
been since we dug our well last May. In the last 2 months, UCI has also been able to dig 3 more
wells and in the process of digging a 4th for 4 different communities. There is a reason why Jesus
used the illustration of water in the Bible so many times. Water is a precious, precious gift and we are so glad that UCI, through the help of our supporters, has been able to bless these communities. Praise the Lord!

It is raining in Haiti. Usually our rainy season starts sometime in the middle of end of April so that by the beginning of May, we have the crops in. Our rain didn’t start until the end of May and we were worried, but it has been good rain and the crops have been planted. Jehovah Jireh, God is the great Provider.

God is also our great Hope. Andre Chansman passed away from cancer. In January, this witchdoctor of over 40 years became a brother in Christ. Those of you who were able to hear his testimony could see the joy that Christ gave him in these last months of his life. Andre had even testified on Haitian radio that he was no longer practicing vodou and debts from former services were cancelled. At his visitation we found out that Andre had 31 children with 21 different women. That is common for a witchdoctor. Of these children, only a couple were not in vodou. We met and talked to many of these children and asked if they had seen a difference in their father the last months of his life. Many admitted that they noticed how changed he was. At the funeral that JeanJean conducted, JeanJean gave a salvation message. He asked if anyone wanted to give their lives to Christ and 10 of Andre’s children raised their hands. These men and women live in a town that is hours away from us but we have contacted another pastor to disciple them. Please pray for them. And rejoice because the wife that Andre lived with in his last years and youngest daughter are coming to our church faithfully. Bob and Starla Jansen built Andre and his family a home so that he could have a new start on life. This house will be a big blessing to his family.
"Now Jesus did so many other signs in the presence of the disciples which are not written in this book but these are written so
that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing you may have life in his name.” John 20:30-31

Since February, we started a 7:00 AM service at our worship center. We have now added Sunday school
and 2 evening services on Monday and Thursday nights. Please pray for these ministries to reach many
people for Christ.

Other Updates:
* 4,216 dozen small and 228 big cassava bread sold/made by UCI’s cassava mill in the month of April.
* Over 32,000 fruit and reforestation trees sold or given out by the tree nursery. Over 10,000 orders for
* New kitchen and eating area almost completed for the UCC school and Caiman nutrition center
* New stove to be made for the nutrition center in Lapila
* New drip irrigation gardens in Lapila, Ticitron, and Lajeune nutrition centers.
* 5 more irrigation pump gardens to be installed.
* Kindergarten graduation scheduled for July 1, 2011. Exams for the school start next week.
* New mobile dental unit for UCC. Dr. Jeff Joiner helped 204 patients with dental needs this week.
* New wire feed welder for UCC.
* Jude (JeanJean’s brother) and his family moved into their own house Saturday night. It is a beautiful
house that is nearby. They have lived with us since the earthquake 1 1/2 years ago and we will miss
them. We now only have 3 extra people living with us.
* Tana and Kerri are done with school for the year. Tana is desiring to complete a year of science during
the summer break so that she can start biology in the fall. Her teacher (Kristie!) is not as excited
but is glad that her daughter is so ambitious. Kerri is quite content to have the summer off.
We continue to ask for prayers for our Bible and trade school. We believe that we can transform Haiti by
forming Christian leaders that are willing to spread the gospel and Christ’s love one community at a
time. The Bible will be the foundation of every single subject taught in the school.
Thank you for reading the letter, for praying for us, and for being a partner with UCI’s vision.

Have a
great day!
JeanJean, Kristie, Tana and Kerri Mompremier

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