Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Willard Wednesdays

I saw a friend in church on Sunday who mentioned to me that she was also a fan of Dallas Willard and was glad that I was referring to him on the blog.  This did two things for me...

-helped me realize there are a few eyes who actually find this blog and read it!   and...

-reminded me that I often stink at consistency!  Several weeks ago I posted that I was going to make Wednesday's "Willard Wednesdays" due to the fact that Dallas Willard is truly a gentle giant in the faith and a brilliant teacher on a life lived in the Kingdom of God.  I think I wrote a few weeks of posts and then got distracted and neglectful.  

So, thanks for the encouragement, M.A-L!  I'm back in!  

“[Jesus] matters because of what he brought and what he still brings to ordinary human beings, living their ordinary lives and coping daily with their surroundings. He promises wholeness for their lives. In sharing our weaknesses he gives us strength and and imparts through his companionship a life that has the quality of eternity." (Dallas Willard in Ruthless Trust - Brennan Manning)” 
“Individually the disciple and friend of Jesus who has learned to work shoulder to shoulder with his or her Lord stands in this world as a point of contact between heaven and earth, a kind of Jacob’s ladder by which the angels of God may ascend from and descend into human life. Thus the disciple stands as an envoy or a receiver by which the kingdom of God is conveyed into every quarter of human affairs.” 

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