Friday, August 11, 2017

relearning respect

I'm home after 2 days at the Global Leadership Summit 2017. So much good content and inspiration and challenge! In Bill Hybels' opening talk, he addressed what we can seemingly all agree to in this particular time of our history:  we are living in a time of increased disrespect and incivility.  

Hybels went on to give the following list that he used in a message he gave entitled "Respect Everyone Always".  This is an important code of conduct for us in this day of increasing tribalism.  

10 Rules of Respect Every Leader Simply Must Obey
  1. Leaders must set example on how to differ with others without demonizing them.
  2. Leaders must have spirited conversations without “drawing blood”.
  3. Leaders must not interrupt others who are talking and must not dominate conversation.
  4. Leaders must set example of limiting volume levels and refusing to use incendiary or belittling words that derail a discussion. You know what words are like hand grenades. Don’t use them.
  5. Leaders must set the example of being courteous in word and deed to everyone at every level.
  6. Leaders must never stereotype.
  7. Leaders must apologize when they are wrong, don’t double down or cover up.
  8. Leaders must form opinions carefully and stay open minded if better information comes along.
  9. Leaders must set the example of showing up when they say they will and do what they say they will.
  10. Leaders must set rules of respect for what they believe and implement relentlessly. Make a written code of what the rules are and have the employees sign.

Civility Code example:

  1. Greet and acknowledge each other
  2. We will say please and thank you
  3. We will treat each other equally and with respect
  4. We will be direct, sensitive, and honest
  5. We will address incivility whenever it occurs

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