Thursday, September 4, 2014

white privilege and systemic injustice 101

Until I was in my 40's, the terms "white privilege" and "systemic injustice" were foreign and unknown to me.  They were terms and concepts that I, without effort,  kept from entering my thoughts because in my sub-conscience, they just "belonged to people who were interested in that stuff." Though far from my conscious thought, they were, in fact, very close in my experience; a large part of my operating system. I just didn't know it nor think it relevant...until God let me know otherwise.

As a follower of Christ, in order for His heart to grow within me and for my actions in the world to reflect Jesus, I MUST begin to have an understanding of white privilege and systemic injustice. Why?  Because so much of how I live and what I think about people has been shaped by these forces, and God wants to transform how I live and what I think about people into a Kingdom order rather than a worldly order.

I've heard friends of color tell me that I have a responsibility, as a white person who has begun to consider the nature of both white privilege and systemic injustice, to help others grow in awareness and understanding of the same.  This is tricky and difficult, especially since I am now just considered "one of those people who are interested in that stuff" by so many who are like the earlier me.

I'm curious what has helped others begin to understand white privilege and systemic injustice. What experiences and learnings were most impactful for you? 

A friend sent me a blogpost entitled "What my Bike has Taught me about White Privilege" that was excellent in describing white privilege.  Read it here!

What are some of your learnings and experiences that brought awareness or understanding?  

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