Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Justice Conference 2017: Michael McBride

Listening and considering the thoughts and words from several speakers at the recent Justice Conference.  

Michael McBride, Director of Live Free found at 

"We can't say we love our neighbor if we don't create environments where our neighbors can thrive."

"I think part of the task of the church, particularly in this moment, if we are really trying to help people live into loving our neighbors both as a discipleship and disciple-making enterprise, is to help train our eyes and our heart to have a systemic and structural vision of how loving our neighbor happens so that we don't just devolve into radically interpersonal conversation about loving our neighbor."

"Systems are complex.  They've taken generations, centuries to put into place.  So, every generation has to identify their mission and fulfill it or betray it.  We have to own the calling to dismantle while we are alive the systems/structures that are being sustained or built on our watch.  We have to learn, we have to read, hear, and listen to the stories of those who are oppressed and marginalized.  We can't just operate from a position of power, privilege, and status and say everything is great."  

"We-the Church- are even now more called to make sure that no one is excluded in a vision of what it means to be human."  

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