Saturday, June 11, 2016

CCD Saturday: on hospitality

Following are quotes from Just Hospitality: God's Welcome in a World of Difference by Letty M. Russell

"Hospitality is the practice of God's welcome by reaching across difference to participate in God's actions bringing justice and healing to our world in crisis."

"Practicing God's hospitality means that I am constantly looking for ways to empower other outsiders in the institutions where I work and live.  I always have to ask myself as I gather with a group, 'Who is missing? Who are the ones whose voice is not heard?'"

"In Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus promises to be with those who offer hospitality to the least of our brothers and sisters.  From this it would seem that hospitality can be understood as solidarity with strangers, a mutual relationship of care and trust in which we share in the struggle for empowerment, dignity, and fullness of life.  The word for hospitality in the Greek New Testament is philoxenia, love of the stranger.  Its opposite is xenophobia, hatred of the stranger.  The ministry of the church is to be partners with strangers, to welcome those whom Christ welcomed, and thus learn to be a community in which people are made one in Jesus Christ in spite of their different classes, religious backgrounds, genders, races, and ethnic groups."

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