Thursday, July 9, 2015

Try Pie sends off a teammate

Try Pie celebrates and bids farewell this week to one of our team members, Megan.  Megan and her family are moving to Sedona, AZ, this summer, and we wish her all the best!  In an exit interview, Megan shared the following about her experience in Try Pie:

What did you gain from being involved in Try Pie?
“I definitely learned how to give money and save money.   I learned a lot of teamwork; how to work together with other people.  And I learned about time management-balancing work, school work, and sports.”

Do you have a favorite memory?
“No,  I just liked talking and getting to know the girls better.”

What do you like about the business/ministry model of Try Pie?
“I like that it wasn’t just about making and selling pie.  It was about growing closer to God and developing in our faith.  It was also about giving back to our community.”

Did Try Pie help you break down any walls with people? 
“When my mom first told me that there would be girls from East, I had some fear because of the gangs and violence I hear about in Waterloo.  We don’t have as much of that happening in Cedar Falls.  Getting to know the girls helped me break through some of that fear, and I learned from them everyday.” 

What dreams do you have for Try Pie?
“That it would become a real business in a real building with more advertisement and marketing.  Kind of like Cookie Cart.  That would be cool.”

How would you complete the following?

The thing I love about Try Pie is the community of girls that we get to work with.

Try Pie is a community of girls, faith-based, trying to change the world by their pies

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